Majestic Friesians to be on TV!!!
HRTV was at Majestic Friesians Stables last summer filming a movie about Friesian horses! The program will first air on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 9:30pm Eastern/ 8:30pm Central/ 7:30pm Mountain/ 6:30pm Pacific.
It will repeat later that night at 12:30am Eastern/ 11:30pm Central/ 10:30pm Mountain/ 9:30pm Pacific. 
To view slide show highlights of the filming, click here.
HRTV can be found at Dish Network (Channel 398), Comcast, Verizon Fios, Cox Cable, AT&T U-Verse, and other cable networks.  If someone doesn't have access to these networks, it can be see in real time (when broadcast on satellite and cable) on HRTV's Internet channel at
 We have two new mares from British Columbia!!! Teunie is a Model Mare in foal to Norbert! Also joining us is Teunie's daughter, Ina! For pictures of Ina, please click here.
  For a link to a video of Ina, please click here. To view pictures of Teunie, please click here.

Prodigy has been featured on Cowboy Magic's web page! To link to their website, click here.

7 new horses have joined our farm!!!
Check out my FaceBook page, Majestic Friesians, for updates and upcoming events!
Prodigy will be at the MSU Stallion Expo March 7-9, 2014 & will be spotlighted in the evening show with his incredible trainer Melissa Ashcraft doing a musical routine "Anything he can do I can do better!" An adorable miniature horse, Gabe, can do all of the tricks Prodigy can do. It's a really cute show - hope you can make it!!
Majestic Friesians - Tritan
 Majestic Friesians now has 3 trick-trained Stallions:
Prodigy, Nitrous & Dolci Vita!
We welcome visitors to the farm by appointment!

Tritan was made a Ster Stallion and overall Day Stallion Champion at the Virginia Keuring!!
*  We are now taking deposits for 2014 babies; 
 A $1,000.00 deposit assures you of a foal.
We have 4 pregnant mares: Trinity x Mintse - March 31;
Teuni x Norbert - April 15; Hielkje x Lammert - July 6; Onella x Lolke - July 22.

Apostle of Majestic Friesians
was sold to Renee J. Massey-Hines.
He has a wonderful new home!
A special thanks to Cally Matherly, who has taken most of the photos of my amazing photographer with the talent to capture the heart & soul of my horses!!! Also special thanks to my incredible trainers, Melissa Ashcraft from Concord Equestrian Center, and Ashley Klein...2 women with incredible talent that know how to bring out the best in my beautiful, talented stallions!!! More thanks to Larry and Becky Spotts, Terry Strohkirch, Good Steve Andries, Foster boys, John Zimmerman, Mamma Rae Johnson and her beautiful daughter, Alyssa, Linda Osborn, Drew Gitchell, and last but far from least, David Pierce...Without you all keeping my farm would not have been possible!!! Love you all so much!!!

For a slide show of Nitrous, click here; for Prodigy,
click here; for Apostle, click here; for Apollo, click here; for Tritan, click here; for Winsome, click here.
 To view artwork of Majestic Friesian stallions, click here.