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Lori's Family
A very special thank you to David Pierce. His help and love for myself, my girls and this farm have made this farm flourish!!!
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I have a very small farm located in Big Rapids, Michigan. I breed top quality Friesian horses. After careful consideration all of my brood mares have been imported from the Netherlands. I believe in showering my horses with love and a lot of hands on time. All the babies are handled daily from birth.

I have always raised horses, but after my first meeting with a Friesian horse I sold all of my quarter horses!! The Friesian breed totally captured my heart and soul. They are gentle giants that have an incredible need to please their owners. Friesians are wonderful horses that excel in dressage, western and driving. Because of their non-spooky attitude they make wonderful companions, children's show horses and trail horses. Not to mention how beautiful they look running through the pastures!! Friesians are the most beautiful, majestic horses we have ever encountered.

I am a member of FHANA and FPS. All of my mares have been imported from the Netherlands and all have wonderful Pedigrees. I welcome visitors and would love the chance to show off our beautiful animals.

Thank you for coming to my site. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

Your friend
Lori Brock

Hailey - Future Friesian Rider!
Hannah - Future Friesian Rider!
Our Future Friesian Riders!
Hanna & Friend
Hanna teaching tricks