Majestic Friesians
Majestic Friesians - Hielkje

Hielkje is a 15.3 hands imported Ster Mare. She is tall & elegant with a long swan neck & chiseled face. She is always the center of attention & well deserving of it! She had a lovely filly out of Sape 381 in 2006 (Trinity) & had Winsomeby Anne 340 in 2007.
Trinity made ster & Winsome made ster!! Wahoo...she is halfway to preferent!!!

Hielkje had an amazing filly by Fridse 423!!!! She is all legs and sweet sweet sweet!! Congratulations to her new owner, Ashley Klein!!!

Hielke is in foal to Fridse for another amazing baby!!
To link to Hielkje slideshow, please click here.
Click to view Hielkje's videos: Hielkje1  Hielkje2
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